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Paddling Around Britain

The waterways of Britain are full of stories of nature, history, and heritage, and as we paddle down these traditional highways, we'll discover about the landscape, the people, the battles won and lost, the friendships across the water, and much, much more.

Building on the strengths of Walks Around Britain, Paddling Around Yorkshire will have the same slow TV ethos and will bring a more cinematic visual style - perfectly capturing the landscapes of the rivers, canals, waterways, coastlines and seas we'll be travelling along - and will also centre on the people we'll meet along the way.

The brand already has a social media presence on Twitter and on Facebook.

The first edition is due to be filmed in September 2020 - and we are now talking to brands who are interested in taking a product placement position in this new series, as well as broadcasters who might be interested in taking it for transmission.
The next stage of the journey with the ...Around Britain franchise is Paddling Around Britain.

We're moving the successful formula we've developed for Walks Around Britain from being on foot on the ground - to being inside a kayak on the water.

But we'll not just be in a kayak, we'll also be in a traditional boat, a twin canoe, a conical and a stand-up paddleboard.
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