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Local Television

After many years of planning, Local TV is finally here, with a proposed 60 channels eventually launching across the UK on Freeview channel 7 (8 in Scotland & Wales).

In the North and Central England, several channels are already broadcasting, including That's Humber in East Yorkshire/North Lincolnshire, Sheffield Live TV, Leeds TV, Tyne & Wear TV, Birmingham TV, Liverpool TV, Teesside TV, That's Manchester, That's York, Notts TV in Nottingham and That's Norfork.

Nova Productions is your partner in producing spot TV advertising for Local TV, as well as Sponsorship, Product Placement and Advertising Funding Programming.
TV Spot Advertising

Nova is one of the few companies in the area with the creativity to produce engaging adverts / commercials which showcase your business on your Local TV channel.

Commercials usually last either 30, 45 or 60 seconds, and can be also used on your business' YouTube or Facebook page too.

The cost of production depends on your ambition for the commercial - and in addition there is the cost of the airtime on your Local TV channel.  Each channel has its own rates which compare with commercial radio.

Click here for more information about TV Commercial production from Nova.
Series Sponsorship on Local TV

Series Sponsorship is an excellent option for local businesses to be associated with programmes already commissioned from Local TV channels - and Nova has a range of programmes in production and development which are designed with sponsorship in mind.  

We'll produce a sponsorship bumper which will appear at the beginning and end of each programme part - and your logo will also appear on the programmes' website and all relevant advertising material.

Click here for more information about Series Sponsorship with Nova.
Product Placement (PP)

Product Placement is when a business pays for their product or service to appear within a programme.  This could be a product that is used (like an item of clothing or a sat-nav), is part of the background (like cheese on a supermarket shelf) or appears as a poster.

This could be a boot manufacturer paying for the presenters to wear their boots, or a store paying for the presenters to shop in their store.

It works particularly way from a local perspective to see a local product become part of a locally produced programme and reach a local audience.

Click here for more information about Product Placement with Nova.
Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP)

If you would like your business to be more directly associated with a series of informative and engaging programmes on your Local TV channel, then Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) can provide an excellent cost-effective marketing opportunity.

With AFP, a business funds a series with which they have a direct input into, with the funding going straight into the programmes' production budget.  The resulting series is then supplied to a Local TV channel free of charge for broadcast on their channel at different timeslots.  

Click here for more information about our Advertiser Funded Programming.
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