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Advertiser Funded Programming

Advertising Opportunities
Advertiser Funded Programming or Branded Content as it is often referred to describe programmes that are created with direct input of a client. The client’s contribution could be financial, creative or by allowing producers access to talent or events with which the client has an existing relationship.
What are the benefits of using AFP?
Creating advertiser funded programming can be a lot more complex and expensive than traditional sponsorship but the rewards can be numerous. Benefits of AFP include:

  • The ability to completely “own” a programme, series or format allowing the client to create a sustainable point of difference from competitors.
  • Create a deeper brand experience throughout the very editorial fabric of the programme and by planning off-screen activity in line with the production of the programme.
  • The ability to exploit content across clients own platforms and media platforms.
What makes using AFP at Channel 4 Sales different?
-         More commissioned AFP hours than any other terrestrial broadcaster
-         Proud history of producing award winning formats for advertisers
-         Proven track record of taking AFP beyond the screen and into in-store, on-pack, online, social, mobile – delivering maximum ROI for the client
-         AFP transmitted in all areas of the schedule and across all commissioning genres, across the C4 network

To get in touch with someone about AFPs on Channel 4, just email Vicky in our partnership team

To get in touch with someone about AFPs on the UKTV channels,
please email

The business funding the series also benefits from a range of additional exclusive clips and shortened versions of the programmes which can be uploaded to the business' YouTube channel or Facebook page - driving more traffic and delivering more value for the original investment.
Sponsorship - Key Points

  • Guarantees a prime position and maximum visibility to your target audience
  • Is available on a national, regional or local basis with our series
  • Builds effective connections between the brand, the series and its themes
  • Influences purchase decisions
  • Delivers stand-out exposure in a cluttered market.
For more information about Advertiser Funded Programming, contact us.
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